While I’m a huge proponent of owning less stuff in general, the holidays are a great opportunity to help those around you embark on their own sustainable living journey–or to kickstart your own! If you’re planning to buy a gift for someone this holiday season (and let’s be honest, that’s most of us) why not make it a gift that helps the planet or is from a company making its products in a sustainable, responsible way? I think it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

I’ve put together a list of the best eco-friendly gifts out there this holiday season, all of which I own or I personally recommend. Coffee-addicted coworker? There’s an eco gift for that. Outdoors-loving sister? There’s an eco gift for that. A mom who loves to cook? There’s an eco gift for that. Plus, each gift listed here can be purchased on Amazon, which makes buying gifts so easy. Read on to find out what eco gifts to give this holiday season.


For The Traveler

1. Collapsable Water Bottle
que Collapsable Bottle
Photo Credit: @bayleyjunes

que Water Bottle

I love the idea of this collapsable water bottle from que Bottle! As someone who understands the value of packing light, I love that when this isn’t being used, or if you want a smaller amount of liquid, you can collapse it for optimal space saving. It’s also non-toxic, BPA free, and it’s safe for both hot & cold beverages.

2. Travel Utensil Set

Roaming Cooking 4 Piece Stainless Steel (Knife, Fork, Spoon) Lightweight, Travel Camping Cutlery Set

4 Piece Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set

Single use plastic is one of the most pervasive issues this planet faces. Know someone who eats out all the time or is constantly on the go? This travel utensil set will help them turn down single use plastic cutlery while eating out. Nick and I had a set similar to this during our summer travels and absolutely loved it. Bonus: this one includes chopsticks and is made of stainless steel, not plastic.

3. Foldable Travel Backpack

venture pal lightweight foldable backpack

Venture Pal 25L Lightweight Travel Backpack

One of the things I wish I had brought on our honeymoon travels was a small, lightweight backpack like this. I only brought a shoulder bag, and that didn’t cut it on days when we went hiking, so Nick ended up being my pack mule (thanks, honey!). Learn from my mistakes and get yourself or your travel buddy one of these foldable, lightweight backpacks for your next adventure. This one is water resistant, made of a durable material, has side water bottle holders (which I think is so necessary for a bag like this), and the company guarantees it for life!

4. Stainless Steel Straws

stainless steel straws

Senhai Stainless Steel Straws (Set of 8)

Another great gift to help eliminate single use plastic. A must-have for anyone on the go, this stainless steel straw set comes with 8 straw sizes, some bent and some straight, plus 2 cleaning wands. It also comes with a convenient carrying case to keep in your purse or car. Now you have no excuse not to turn down straws at restaurants and coffee shops!

5. Stainless Steel Thermos

stainless steel thermos food jar

Thermos Stainless Still King 16oz Food Jar w/ Spoon

I 100% plan to buy this stainless steel thermos for myself, which makes me think it would be a very useful gift. Many times during the summer I found myself on the go and wishing I had a better method for making and taking my breakfast. I envision this thermos being the perfect way to take oatmeal or yogurt on the go, and I love that it has a spoon attached right in the lid!


For The Office Secret Santa

6. Soy Candle
pf candle co teakwood & tobacco candle
Photo credit: @pfcandleco


This is my absolute favorite candle company. They’re a small business in California making the most delicious and toxic free candles out there! The teakwood & tobacco is a warming, rich, cozy scent that makes you want to curl up with a good book. Your coworker will think you’re stylish and thoughtful, which is exactly the vibe you want from a secret santa gift.

7. Reusable Travel Coffee Mug
Photo Credit: @keepcup

KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Mug

Coffee breaks are ubiquitous in the workplace so why not help a coworker break her single-use coffee mug habit? This mug by KeepCup is made of recyclable glass (so awesome!) and comes with a cork band to protect against hot beverages (extra awesome!). The glass is also tempered, so it won’t crack when you pour hot liquids in it.

8. All-Natural Soaps

crate 61 soap set

Crate 61 Vegan Soaps (Set of 6)

This soap set is the perfect gift for the office secret santa: it’s thoughtful, beautifully packaged, and, of course, made from the good stuff. All the soaps are scented with natural essential oils (not fragrance) and made from nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and olive oil. You could give all 6 or break them up and gift alongside another eco gift from this list!


For The Beauty Queen

9. Toxic-Free Fragrance Discovery Set

phlur fragrance discovery set

PHLUR Eau de Parfum Set

I put this on my own Christmas list this year and I hope I get it! PHLUR is a company that makes toxic free fragrances, candles, body washes & lotions, and only uses fragrance components that are phthalate and BHT free. The fragrance discovery sets come with 3 mini eau de parfums; choose your favorite to wear solo or layer several for a fully custom signature scent.

10. Shampoo Bar

yellow bird grapefruit rosemary and lavender shampoo bar

Yellow Bird Shampoo Bar

I love that this shampoo doesn’t come in a plastic bottle! Made with non-toxic ingredients, this shampoo bar is free of sulfates, silicone, and parabens–and won’t strip your hair. This is also perfect for travel since it’s not liquid and the packaging doubles as a carrying case.

11. Brightening Face Scrub

acure brightening srub

ACURE Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub

I am obsessed with this all natural, clean beauty facial scrub. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and love that my skin feels soft and smooth after using it. Plus, this line is so affordable and doesn’t have any sneaky toxic ingredients in it. Any clean beauty lover would be happy to receive this as a gift this holiday season.

12. Juice Beauty Discovery Skincare Set

juice beauty age defy kit

Juice Beauty Age Defy Solutions Kit

If you’re looking for an organic skincare gift set for a loved one, look no further than the Juice Beauty brand. They’re one of the only organic certified brands out there and they don’t use any toxic chemicals in their products. I have an eye cream from this brand that I love! Highly recommend.


For the Home Chef

13. Beeswax Food Storage Wraps

Bee's Wrap

Bee’s Wrap Assorted 3 Pack

I received these Bee’s Wrap food storage wraps a few years ago from a friend and they are AMAZING! They stick to any container and make food storage a breeze. And they have a lovely honey scent. Toss your single use plastic baggies immediately.

14. Organic Cotton Hand Towels

organic hand towels

Full Circle 100% Organic Cotton Tidy Dish Cloths (Set of 3)

I received these hand towels as a wedding gift and they’re great: super absorbent, made from organic cotton, and just really pretty!

15. Non-toxic Frying Pan

copper chef frying pan

Copper Chef Frying Pans (Set of 2)

I have the 10″ version of this pan and it’s great. I cook eggs in it all the time, as well as frittatas that go directly in the oven. I also like that this frying pan is non-stick but doesn’t have any toxic chemicals like teflon.


Did I miss an eco-friendly, clean living, green gift that you’re excited to give this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Love this list! So many great ideas! I had to get a yankee swap gift this year for a holiday party and found a travel mug made out of bamboo fiber and paired that with some loose leaf tea and a DIY Mint herb growing kit for your kitchen counter.

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