Those of us living on the East Coast are currently in the throws of some serious winter temperatures. Still. Even though it’s March.

The constant switch between cold, outside air and stale, stagnant air indoors often leaves our skin feeling tortured, confused, and most of all, exceptionally dry. We might all be ready for warmer temperatures, but we’ve gotta deal with what we’ve got until Spring decides to arrive.

This week on our #AskAnEsthetician series, Victoria Fradette is filling us in about the causes of dry skin and what we can do to deal until warmer temperatures befall us.

Q: What causes dry skin?

Winter is always tough on the skin. Dryness is caused by lack of moisture and Jack Frost sabotaging your face. So we need to step up our skin game during these cold times.

Q: Why does our skin get especially dry in the winter?

Harsh winds, cold temperatures, and lack of humidity. These are all recipes for disaster. All of these elements are depleting the moisture levels in our skin so we need to take extra steps to put all of that lost moisture back in.

Q: How can we adjust our skincare routines to help combat dry skin?

We’re going to need to use products that focus on hydration. And creams are going to hydrate the skin a little better and give your skin an extra punch.

I also recommend using a scrub on your lips. The skin is very prone to being chapped in cold weather. Once a week helps get rid of that dry skin and follow with a hydrating chapstick. Personally, I feel petroleum products are awful and don’t let moisture in or out of the skin. Use an all natural product for optimal results.

Using an oil cleanser is a life saver in winter. It will clean skin as well as leaving it soft and hydrating the skin.

Q: What should we NOT be doing to our skin in the winter?

Don’t skimp on the SPF! Even though it’s not warm out the sun is still shining. That means we have to continue wearing SPF. The sunlight reflects off snow making the UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) hit your face.

Q: What’s the key item everyone should add to their winter regimen?

Everyone should definitely be using a hydrating serum. Morning and night will help combated the horrid weather in winter. Follow with a cream moisturizer to lock in the serum.

Don’t forget to moisturize the whole body as well! Right after the shower is perfect for the skin to absorb product.

Victoria’s Picks For Combating Dry Winter Skin

Oil Cleanser:

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Hydrating Serum:

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All Natural SPF:

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Do you have questions for Victoria? Let us know and we will answer them in a future series! And if you’re ever in Eastern Connecticut be sure to book a facial at The Spa at Norwich Inn with Victoria. The spa has been named “Best Destination Spa in New England” and “Best Day Spa in Connecticut”.

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